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Mission Statement

FSI a forward thinking proactive environmental services company. The FSI/RSI strategic alliance was created to provide superior innovative environmental solutions to the oil, gas and energy industry to meet the ever-changing rules and regulations as they relate to soil, groundwater remediation, clean air technology and to do so more cost effectively and efficiently than current technology allows for, while recovering and producing renewable energy from normally waste products and reducing current carbon footprints as they exist from other vapor abatement technologies.

Our equipment leasing services include tank cleaning & degassing, pipeline degassing, vacuum truck vapor abatement, tank bottom removal services with vapor abatement. All FSI specialty equipment include vapor abatement in the process no carbon or scrubber media to deal with. Our focus is providing unique advances to removing heavy tank bottoms with little or no slurry while treating the vapors without generating any waste safely.

Patents and Patents Pending

RSI currently owns or licenses patents for its current use of its systems had to do with soil vapor recover and groundwater remediation.  We will continue business as usual with this product line. A provisional patent has been filed with the US Patent office on May 19, 2008, to maintain rights of patentability of new enhancements to this proven technology, however with or without a patent; RSI’s IP is not easily or readily reproduced.

Strategic Locations

Corporate Headquarters
Hitchcock /Galveston, Texas on the Gulf Coast


Call FSI toll free: 1.855.827.4845
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