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Patented ICE Technology coupled with FSI’s various process, procedures and application and used for VOC Vapor Control. The ProGreen® process when integrated into the system the chiller can reduce greenhouse gasses and burn VOC’s to a greater than 99% efficiency. In fact the process makes it very hard for thermal oxidizers and other related technology to match the minimal amount of supplemental fuel used to destroy the VOC vapors.


ProGreen® Ice Technology:

Always the cutting edge with Internal Combustion Engine Technology used for VOC Vapor Control. All ICE equipment is manufactured at Remediation Services Int’l equipment. Similar technology manufactured by RSI for different markets has over 25 year history of successful operation.

ProGreen® Tank Bottom, Solids and Sludge Removal: Tank Cleaning is the typical name used but for the heaviest of solids and sludge removal the description above is much better suited to describe the challenges.

ProGreen® Vacuum Truck: The FSI industrial vacuum truck complete with ICE Chiller Module for VOC Vapor Destruction.

ProGreen® ICE Module: The FSI degassing unit providing VOC Vapor Control, offered as a portable and or stationary component.

Patented Patents Pending


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