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Environmental issues pertaining to air pollution control.

Methane in Pipeline? FSI Removal Services and Why You Need Them !

A recent paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science showed that methane release measured at some abandoned wells near fracking sites is significant but did not investigate the source of the gas.

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US House of Representatives vote to remove crude export restrictions

House will vote to remove crude export restrictions signed into law in 1975 by President Gerald Ford.

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EPA imposes fence-line monitoring on US refiners

US refiners will face tighter standards in coming years on toxic emissions after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized a new pollution rule on Tuesday.

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“It’s very clear that if China sneezes, Saudi oil exports will get a cold,”

Shipments from Saudi Arabia, China’s biggest supplier in 2014, fell 18% over the same period to the lowest since August 2012.

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In Times of Drought: 9 Economic Facts About Water In The United States

The challenge of water scarcity has both economic and political ramifications.

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