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The degassing of storage storage tanks usually at petrol chemical refinery’s, fuel depots, pipe line and marine barge also vacuum truck vapor abatement.

An environment services product.

NuStar purchase terminal assets from Martin Midstream Partners

Corpus Christi has been a strategic hub for NuStar for many years, and we are very pleased to make this acquisition that will not only solidify our presence there, but also give us the ability to serve a new pipeline and new customers, and provide us greater connectivity to domestic and international crude oil and refined products markets,

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FSI Environmental Services

The ProGreen degassing process applies unique technology and procedures to manage high concentrations of VOC vapors with a carbon media.

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FSI ROV Vacuum System Video

Tank Cleaning Vacuum Equipment:

FSI utilizes the best technology on the market to get the job done safe, fast and economically. Our ROV’s (remote operated vehicle) are remotely operated, hydraulically powered vacuum and fluid cannons perform the cleaning/degassing work before personnel enters tank. The FSI operator controls them from a self-contained mobile control room while getting live feeds from UL certified explosion proof lights and camera mounted inside the man-way for best view.

EPA imposes fence-line monitoring on US refiners

US refiners will face tighter standards in coming years on toxic emissions after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized a new pollution rule on Tuesday.

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About us

Specializing in non-entry industrial tank, pipeline, rail-car and barge cleaning/degassing.

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