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FSI Congratulations for your achievement in working 5000 accident free hours for one year.

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Bob Reinking, tank and vessel project coordinator Oxy Long Beach Calif.,  first learned of Field Specialties when there was a need to remove 3 feet of solids from a 28,000-barrel tank.

With new regulations, Oxy Long Beach could no longer use a “Guzzler” because the high volume would burn out conventional degassing units. This is when FSI began providing tank cleaning and degassing services for Oxy Long Beach.

Reinking said, “FSI has the ability to remove heavy solids from tanks using their technology with standard vacuum trucks, and they have the ability to perform degassing services without the use of carbon.
“The cost of FSI technology for tank solids removal is approximately one-third of a Guzzler and roll-off bins,” said Reinking. “We had great success using FSI and I would recommend them to others.”

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E-mail From Craig Nefferdorf, ExxonMobil

“I would like to take the time and opportunity to commend Scott and the team for an outstanding job in completing the work “safely” and without incident. Scott’s knowledge of the equipment and process was very impressive.

What I really appreciated was Scott’s “customer oriented behavior” in making us feel comfortable with the equipment, and his ability to address all of our questions and concerns (since this was the first time we used FSI’s process for degassing a tank in this area). Personally, if I could, I would recommend Scott and the same crew for all my upcoming degassing projects.

Again, thanks for a job well done !!  Feel free to use my comments regarding your people and workmanship at next week’s meeting.”


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