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Field Specialties, Inc. (FSI), Remediation Service Int’l. (RSI) and Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc. (GES), This Strategic Alliance using ProGreen® Technology providing remediation services worldwide.

What is “Green and Sustainable” Remediation? Yesterday’s remediation approach often impacts the very environment (soil, groundwater or air) that is under-going restoration. For example, remediation equipment is typically powered from the grid, or is fueled by diesel generator, both resulting in increased greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). This is even more prevalent with air pollution control equipment using oxidization in that they require energy to destroy energy. Today one must consider the short and long term effects associated with remedial activities.

IC Engine Technology Award: New Mexico Engineering Award

2008 Excellence Awards

Project Name: Kirtland AFB Bulk Fuels Facility Remediation

Future Value to the Engineering Profession (excerpt from report)
The successful application of this large scale SVE system utilizing ICE units is a model for other environmental cleanups of large petroleum hydrocarbon discharges. Numerous tours have been conducted at the site to showcase the application of the technology and design. Visitors have ranged from governmental officials to tour groups from technical conferences to college classes. The very high mass recovery rates and success of the current system have resulted in the U.S. Air Force moving forward with installation of another ICE SVE system at Kirtland AFB to address fuel product impacts to groundwater.

The overall SVE treatment design has been highly successful. Since system operation began the
equivalent of over 120,000 gallons of jet fuel have been removed from the subsurface.

This application of the technology to recover fuel from the groundwater table at depths of nearly 500 feet below ground surface will be a similarly
unique application of this technology. However, based on the success of the current system, the same technology will be applied to this new application with a high degree of confidence.

Remediation Service, Int’l (RSI), a division of Innovative Environmental Solutions, LLC, is a leading manufacturer of self contained, portable systems for soil and groundwater remediation.

RSI also manufactures systems for air pollution prevention treating vapors from tank degassing, and other industrial vapor emission sources.  Systems have been delivered across the U.S. and around the world. RSI is an established, reliable manufacturer providing complete technical and service support, including pilot testing, and special engineered systems to meet our customers’ needs.

Our FSI crews consist of full-time personnel trained to do their work safely and efficiently. FSI will do a professional job at a competitive price and keep your out-of-service time to a minimum. The ICE equipment is a highly mobile degassing system and can be placed anywhere that toxic air emissions, nuisance vapors and, or, odors require control.

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