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Choosing the right contractor for any project is important, but when the project is in the industrial and petrochemical industries selecting the right vendor is essential. Our on-site supervisors are experienced veterans who know how to keep a project on track and avoid time-consuming and costly mistakes.

FSI Skilled technicians and RSI state-of-the-art equipment that is rated for the most stringent industrial applications make Field Specialties, Inc. a top-rated industrial tank cleaning and vapor abate services provider.

Is your tank degassing program in FULL COMPLIANCE – with all necessary documentation? Total compliance is ensured by contracting directly with an experienced professional Tank Degassing Company. To confirm your Tank Program is in compliance with all degassing records – and before possible a Notice of Violation from the agency. Current laws mean that you must maintain certain levels of safety and air quality when emptying or cleaning tanks containing volatile organic chemicals VOCs.

Many new environmentally friendly ProGreen® systems have come to the industry through our “Innovative Solutions” team.


The FSI/RSI alliance most recent breakthrough is the design and development the 1st “All In One” vacuum truck and vapor abatement system known as the ProGreen® Vacuum Truck. ProGreen® Technology is not your everyday scrubber technology its a VOC vapor destruction system with no open flame and no carbon waste to deal with.

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ProGreen® Vacuum Truck

Turnkey Tank Cleaning

Industrial Degassing

Vacuum Truck Exhaust Scrubbing

Pipeline Pigging Degassing

Pipe Cleaning Hydro-lazing

Case Studies

According to SCAQMD, over 45% of the tanks being degassed over the past 10 years have been done with engines.  We believe most were done with ProGreen® Technology.

ICE Treatability Study

Pipeline Pigging Case Study


With systems and services delivered across the U.S. and around the world for over 20 years. FSI and RSI are proven leaders in their industry’s.

ProGreen® VS. Carbon

ICE Low Cost Soil Vapor Treatment(RSI)

Equipment | Systems

Remediation Service Int’l (RSI), is a leading manufacturer of self-contained, portable systems for soil and groundwater remediation and industrial vapor abatement.

ProGreen® Vacuum Truck

System Control – Telemetry Monitoring

VOC Emissions Control

EPC Environmental Process Containment


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