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FSI has dedicated itself to providing environmental solutions to the energy and petrochemical industries.

ProGreen ICE Versus Carbon TechnologySpecializing in providing a robust, self-contained, environmental solutions aimed at managing vapor,  groundwater pollutants.

Meeting rigorous environmental governmental requirements, our patented, portable, air pollution and remediation systems S.A.V.E.TM meet requirements of the most challenging projects.

ALL VOC vapors generated by the extraction process are “scrubbed” or more appropriately described, destroyed to greater than 99.7% destruction rate efficiency (DRE) while treating vapors with no open flame.

The ProGreen® Module can be placed at your facility as an ongoing air pollution control system.
The SAFETY OF  NO OPEN FLAME and a small footprint allows it to be placed almost anywhere needed.                                                                                                       Patented & Patents Pending

ProGreen® Versus Carbon Adsorption

Carbon removal trailer with 2 canisters
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We agree carbon has its place, but only on certain products and usually in a passive mode.

ProGreen®  technology destroys the carbon waste leaving no waste to dispose of after the job is done.

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Your bottom line is covered using the ProGreen® System. We are ready 24/7 to assist you in all of your air pollution challenges, so give us a call you will be glad you did.

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