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Experienced Full Time Environmental Team

FSI Field Specialties, Inc Environmental Services

Our experienced environmental services team is trained and focused on the industry specific petrochemical services provided by FSI. We know in today’s high stakes and challenging work environment you need tested and experience crews, proven technology and the get the job done attitude to successfully bring the project in on time and safely.

The FSI ProGreen® equipment is specifically designed for industrial air pollution control, manufactured in Ventura CA. USA and maintained by FSI/RSI across the country.

The”ProGreen® System” provides the fastest service, keeping production downtime very minimal.
We remove the double handling of waste product during tank bottom, solids and sludge removal with vacuum truck services.

Choosing the right contractor for any project is important, but when the project is in the industrial and petrochemical industries selecting the right vendor is essential. Our on-site supervisors are experienced veterans who know how to keep a project on track and avoid time consuming and costly mistakes.

Most of you know the pros and cons of the other industrial degassing technologies. Many are older technologies that have their place and some are new and have not proven their worth yet. RSI has been producing ICE for Vapor Control since 1987. RSI technology is a well-established technology made new, a proven technology that surpasses other systems and does it without an open flame or an expensive carbon cost. We focus on what RSI technology does best and that is what FSI Field Specialties, Inc. can provide you the client.

Every day that your unit is out of service means lost revenue for your company. Each project should be planned in advance to assure that all regulatory requirements will be met and to establish a schedule for completion of the work.

Our main office is strategically located along the Gulf Coast in Hitchcock, Texas and we partners worldwide.

Industrial Environmental Services

Storage Tank Cleaning Services
That can be used during any phase of tank cleaning and maintenance. Here are some specialized things which provide us an edge over other tank cleaning service companies.
Industrial Degassing Services
Vacuum truck vapor abatement – storage tanks – marine barge degassing – pipeline services – railroad tank cars – incineration services – centrifuge vapor destruction.
ProGreen® Vacuum Truck
“All In One” ProGreen® Vacuum Truck with VOC Control” that takes the latest RSI IC Engine advancements joined with a chiller to knock down the VOC vapors.
EPC System
Environmental Process Containment technology allows waste water sediment and vapors to be routed to a vacuum truck or other containment area.

Pipe Services
When pipe segments are taken out of service for operational or maintenance purposes, they can contain large volumes of toxic and odorous emissions FSI specializes in pipe degassing and hydro-lazing cleaning services.
Generate Electricity from Lost Product. Do you often find your projects in an isolated area off the electric grid, tired of paying high fuel bills for electricity on projects?
Heavy Tank Bottom Removal
A heavy solids and sludge removal system with vapor abatement enables an ordinary vacuum truck to perform like super enhanced vacuum trucks.
Pipeline Services
FSI ProGreen® technology can provide you with more value by enhancing your pipeline maintenance environment with a significantly Safer AND more Efficient procedure in LESS TIME.

What Do I Do In The Event Of An Emergency?
Call FSI toll free: 1.855.827.4845
Successful Projects with Proactive Safety Practices
Contractors License for the State of CA. License # 923444