Methane Abatement System

Green and Sustainable Remediation Technology

Yesterday’s remediation approach often impacts the very environment (soil, groundwater or air) that is under-going restoration. For example, remediation equipment is typically powered from the grid, or is fueled by diesel generator, both resulting in increased greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). This is even more prevalent with air pollution control equipment using oxidization in that they require energy to destroy energy. Today one must consider the short and long term effects associated with remedial activities

  • Exceeding state mandates for VOC destruction/control
  • Wireless Remote Control To Insure Optimum Performance
  • No Utilities, Uses Liquid Propane or Natural Gas for Operation
  • Convert Waste into 25-100 kW electricity with No Additional Cost


The only soil vapor extraction/air abatement systems that meet the criteria of
“Green & Sustainable” Remediation!

Project: Kirtland AFB


The extent and magnitude of the jet fuel release threatened two Kirtland AFB water production wells located within a half mile of the site and the drinking water aquifer in the Albuquerque basin as a whole. A remediation system design was needed that could achieve aggressive mass removal rates and operate reliably and continuously in order to protect human health and the environment.


The challenges at the Kirtland AFB Bulk Fuels Facility were met with an atypical application of a common technology. The remediation system design uses soil vapor extraction to draw volatile contaminants out of the subsurface for treatment.To address the very high fuel concentrations at the site, and to provide high mass removal rates, a unique treatment system was selected for the site that uses internal combustion engines (ICEs).

The engine manifold vacuum of the modified ICEs is applied to the subsurface to extract the contaminant vapors which are then drawn through the engines themselves where they are burned as fuel to operate the system in a sustainable fashion.


Since system operation began the equivalent of over 120,000 gallons of jet fuel have been recovered. The design has met the complex technical demands of the project while achieving very high mass recovery rates at a project cost at least an order of magnitude less than most other remediation approaches.

The project was delivered on time and on budget meeting all U.S. Air Force metrics and regulatory requirements. New Mexico Engineering

Excellence Award

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