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Hydro-laze Equipment

ProGreen® Hydro-lazing system uses state-of-the-art technology with a SIGNIFICANTLY SAFER AND MORE EFFICIENT procedure completing the pipe cleaning in LESS TIME.

Our process and procedures have been recognized and accepted by all major companies in the industry. FSI can also show you how the  EPC “Environmental Process Containment” safety equipment can make the next project safer, cleaner and your most successful one.


Hydro-lazing employs a rotating hose device, hose, and nozzle which all rotate simultaneously.
Traditional hydro-blast methods simply apply a rotating nozzle to the end of a stagnant hose.


A Safe Fast Clean Procedure Are You?

  • Decommissioning A Pipeline?
  • Introducing A New Line Into Service?
  • Removing/Re-establishing A Pipeline?

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