Tank Cleaning System

Non-Entry Turnkey Tank Cleaning System

Field Specialties, Inc. offers professional non-entry tank cleaning & degassing services that can be used during any phase of tank cleaning and maintenance. Below are a few of our specialized tank cleaning features which provide us with a leading edge over other tank cleaning service companies. The ProGreen® System is a closed loop system that recycles cleaning fluids for reuse in the tank cleaning process while simultaneously removing VOC vapors.

Non-Entry Remote and Robotic Services

Tank Cleaning Vacuum Equipment:

Our ROV’s (remotely operated vehicle) are remotely operated, hydraulically powered vacuum and fluid cannons perform the cleaning/degassing work before personnel enters the tank. The operator controls them from a self-contained mobile control room while getting live feeds from UL certified explosion proof lights and camera mounted inside the manway.

ProGreen Storage Tank Cleaning and Degassing

Non-Entry Tank Services:

FSI utilizes non-entry technology and procedures to clean tanks during decommissioning and maintenance projects for industrial facilities. Tanks, which may contain hazardous, chemicals and various product vessels, are not entered but cleaned remotely for the safety of crews and safe disposal or movement to another location. Inspections can safely and quickly be from outside your storage tanks. By utilizing remote, lighted, zoom video technology FSI is equipped to handle a broad spectrum of tank-related services. A wide inventory of safety equipment.

  • A variety of specialized cleaning techniques to handle the type of material and tank being cleaned.
  • Pumping equipment to handle tank bottom heels
  • VOC vapor destruction ( simultaneous degassing of tank and vacuum truck exhaust)
  • Fluid cannon washing to finish removing the bottom
  • Recycles cleaning fluid
  • A closed loop system
  • Professionally trained teams

Field Specialties, Inc. can substantially reduce your costs for transportation and disposal of tank waste.
The ProGreen® process removes solids 60% to 70% faster than traditional technologies when tank cleaning regulation requires vacuum truck vapor abatement.

FSI’s leadership brings together the right team of experts to provide safe, green, cost-effective custom solutions to your tank cleaning needs.

Team members are specialists in storage tank cleaning technology and procedures. FSI expertise in tank cleaning emphasizes the critical elements of professional project planning and management states service availability varies by location.

Even under optimal circumstances, tank cleaning can be challenging; however, project management and strategic planning is the answer to solving these risks. Well designed and scrupulously maintained ProGreen® equipment ensures fast turnaround time while minimizing project delays.

A Safer and “Greener” Process

Our ProGreen® Chiller that allows ordinary vacuum trucks to perform like Air Movers while destroying the VOC’s emissions. The “Chiller” Engine manifold vacuum increases truck’s vacuum capacity and airflow velocity to “lift” tank bottoms and carry them into vacuum boxes for ease of handling with minimal slurring.

Applications Include

  • Tank Cleaning
  • Industrial Degassing
  • Vacuum Truck Scrubbing
  • Centrifuge Vapor Abatement
  • Waste Minimization
  • Industrial Waste Processing
  • Resource Recovery Technologies
  • Tank Bottom Solids Sludge Removal

Key Features

  • Removes solids 60% to 70% faster
  • Meets SCAQMD and TCEQ standards
  • Reduces liquids generated in slurrying solids
  • Patented technology “Safe and Green”
  • Lowers overall associated cost
Industries Served

  • Product Terminal
  • Refineries
  • Marine Barges
  • Power Plants
  • Pipeline
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Ships/Barges
  • Train Rail Cars
  • Petrochemical
  • Energy Industries etc.

The pros and cons of other vapor control technologies are well known.  Changes in air quality regulations have paved the way for unique solutions to tank degassing and vacuum truck vapor elimination.  Throwing money away on carbon is a thing of the past.  Developing synergy between the degassing and tank cleaning process that saves you time and money is the future of our business.

Technology Summary
  • Small footprint
  • Safe technology
  • No carbon media
  • Regulatory compliant
  • No slow pumping or project delays
  • Exceeds state mandates for VOC control
  • Move from one vapor stream to another
  • No risk of carbon igniting
  • Predictable cost, no surprise extras
  • The engine is (or enhances) vacuum source
  • The process is always under vacuum
  • No open flame
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