FSI ProGreen® System

FSI ProGreen® Describes

The RSI Patented ICE Technology and includes FSI process and procedures when used for VOC Vapor Control. When integrated into the system the chiller can reduce greenhouse gasses and burn VOC’s to a greater than 99% efficiency. In fact the process makes it extremely  hard for thermal oxidizers and other related technology to match the minimal amount of supplemental fuel used to destroy the VOC vapors.

ProGreen® example: the technology process and procedures enables an ordinary vacuum truck to remove tank bottom solids and sludge with minimal slurrying while simultaneously degassing the vapor space and scrubbing the vacuum truck to a greater then 99% destruction rate efficiency (DRE).

The solids can be pulled into the vacuum truck or vacuum boxes as per the job specifications. In many instances liquids are “sheared” from the solids due to the high velocity and increased vacuum generated during our process allowing recovery of product and/or ease of transport. Moving solids without adding extra liquid means substantial savings in liquid disposal, tank cleaning costs and tank turnaround time.

Field Specialties, Inc. technology allows your vacuum trucks to perform while simultaneously destroying the VOC vapor exhaust.

The process is generally applied as a closed loop system by using equipment such as the EPC below and the chiller above. Product some cases product waste can be recycled back into the system, FSI/RSI also works with major oil recyclers to complete closed loop system.

Cut Liquid Waste By 50%
Cut Cleaning Cost By 30%
Cut Cleaning time by 50%

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