Carbon Recycling & Cogeneration

ProGreen® Waste to Watts System

Mobile | Stationary | Scalable

Converting waste to useful energy is always desirable, providing the process is cost effective and provides for a true return on investment (ROI).

With the ProGreen® Waste to Watts systems, the customer is assured that no grid electricity will be used in the regeneration process. The desorbed VOC from carbon is the primary fuel source that operates the regeneration unit. Our system produces electricity to sell back to the grid or condenses the VOC for future use.

Vapor control for both safety and air quality is needed everywhere in upstream and downstream oil and gas processing, which is complementary to clients existing oil and sludge recycling processes. Patented & Patents Pending

Plant & Terminal Emissions & Cogeneration

* Eliminate flaring
* Control process hydrocarbons
* Reduce carbon emissions
* Be a better neighbor
* Fully automated
* Remote Telemetry control
* All critical parameters data logged
* Monthly reports automatically generated
* Saves time and money

Generate Electricity | Air Pollution Control | Carbon Regeneration