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Methane in Pipeline? FSI Removal Services and Why You Need Them !

A recent paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science showed that methane release measured at some abandoned wells near fracking sites is significant but did not investigate the source of the gas.

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EPA imposes fence-line monitoring on US refiners

US refiners will face tighter standards in coming years on toxic emissions after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized a new pollution rule on Tuesday.

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What’s The #1 Known Cause Of Storage Tank Fires?


Lightning is the leading known cause of storage tank fires, and it’s a constant threat to people, facilities and product. Today we welcome JoOnna Silberman, aka the LightningDiva@Large, to the Think Tank. JoOnna specializes in lightning protection, and she’s joined us today to share some expert knowledge about the science of lightning and the impact lightning can have on industry.

Drake Power Plant, Colorado Springs, CO USA- Larry Marr


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Specializing in non-entry industrial tank, pipeline, rail-car and barge cleaning/degassing.

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FSI Safety Session Summer

To avoid slips, be on the lookout for foreign substances on the floors. Watch for deposits of water, food, grease, oil, sawdust, soap, or debris. Even small quantities are enough to make you fall.

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