Cogeneration System

Produce and Sell Electricity Back to the Grid!

VOC Recycling | Cogeneration of Waste Stream

Flaring, burning of gas occurs to dispose natural gas released during crude oil production, processing and in existing natural gas field operations, most often in remote areas where there is no gas transportation infrastructure or local gas markets.

Our gen-set module will produce electricity that can be sold back to the local utility company, and in some instances, reduce actual operating costs. RSI can assist you in the selection of switching equipment that will ensure effective power transmission. Advances in our control technology and increases in energy costs now make energy co-generation a reality, with payback cycles that have been drastically reduced.

RSI also manufactures a module for our internal combustion (ICE) groundwater treatment system that purposely diverts hot coolant/antifreeze from the radiator/cooling system to a heat exchanger that is used to heat groundwater for a patented water treatment process. The system automatically directs the coolant flow to and from the engine’s radiator based on the desired (programmable) heat transfer to the processed ground water.

By using this same feature we would be able to provide you heated coolant for your process line, therefore allowing generated electricity to be used elsewhere! RSI now offers generator modules that interface with our internal combustion engines. Our systems provide 40 kW and 80 kw in stock, larger units quoted upon request and produce this electricity by using extracted contaminants as fuel while remaining completely under computerized emissions control.

The RSI Phoenix S.A.V.E. controller monitors and adjusts process parameters to maintain stoichiometric combustion even while the generator module is producing electricity.

ProGreen Emergency Power Generation


  • Cogeneration provides a steady source of consistent power.
  • Our gen-set module are easily scalable.
  • Assembly time of 12 – 24 weeks depending on model
  • On site energy production (no loss of power).
  • Reduces CO2 footprint.

The end user is assured of safe, clean and continuous electrical power without impacting the integrity of the site remediation in some instances, actually enhancing it. Think of the convenience that this affords the user! Electrical power is now available on your site for running lights, electric pumps, tools, blower motors, compressors, etc.

Properly equipped, RSI remediation equipment can turn unused energy in the form of hydrocarbon contaminants in the soil or groundwater into dollars in your pocket. Let RSI help you to realize a return on your investment while still remediating your property.

What we offer

  • Properly equipped gen-set module built to run on low BTU hydrocarbon contaminants
  • Build, own and maintain contracts
  • Project management and engineering support to consulting engineers
  • Commissioning supervision and equipment monitoring after completion
  • Services agreements for all equipment

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