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FSI ProGreen® Mobile Solutions

VOC Vapor Control
Field Specialties, Inc. uses unique technology and procedures to manage high concentrations of vapors from storage tanks, vacuum trucks exhaust, pipelines, sumps, ships, marine barges, odor control, soil & groundwater. Uses 100% of process vapor as a primary fuel source while exceeding state mandates for VOC destruction/control.

Trailer Mounted Units

Mobile Degassing UnitProGreen® Degassing Units

Safer Technology
No Carbon Media: No safety concerns associated with overheating of carbon on the job site.
No Open Flame: The combustion of volatile vapors occurs inside the cylinders of an engine.
No Blower Required: Technology creates its own vacuum; vapor stream is under vacuum all the way to the engine intake manifold.

“All In One” Vacuum Truck

ProGreen Vacuum Truck 1

ProGreen® Vacuum Truck with Onboard VOC Destruction

FSI has developed a patent-pending process that combines combustion and condensation for a safer and more efficient system to control a multitude of toxic and odorous emissions generated during vacuum truck operations.

Environmental Process Containment EPC

 EPC ProGreen Environmental Process Containment bag

EPC ProGreen Environmental Process Containment bag

EPC Safety Equipment

The EPC provides a safe, easy and clean answer to challenging line draining procedures.
Works with flange, valve and cut pipe ends. EPC technology allowing 100% containment of vapors and liquids when servicing equipment or pipe.


ROV Robotic Operated Vacuum SystemRemote Operated Fluid Cannon

FSI utilizes non-entry technology and procedures to clean tanks during decommissioning and maintenance projects for industrial facilities.
Tanks, which may contain hazardous, chemicals and various product vessels, are not entered but cleaned remotely for the safety of crews and safe disposal or movement to another location.

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