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FSI ProGreen® technology can provide you with more value by enhancing your pipeline maintenance environment with a significantly Safer more Efficient procedure taking LESS TIME.

Our system is for DEGASSING OF PIPELINES during drain-downs, pigging and nitrogen purge (crude, gasoline, natural gas, butane)

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Pigging in the area of pipelines refers to the practice of using ‘pigs’ or pipeline inspection gauges to perform numerous maintenance operations of a pipeline. This can be done without stopping the flow of the product in the pipeline.

Pigging operations include but are not limited to cleaning and inspecting of the pipeline. By inserting the pig into a pig launcher – a funnel-shaped Y section in the pipeline.

Standard Pigging Process Today 

The pig launcher is then closed and the pressure driving the flow of the product in the pipeline is used to push it along down the pipe until it reaches the receiving trap – the pig catcher.

An economic and environmental advantage of pigging ability systems is the potential of product savings. At the end of each product transfer, it is possible to clear out the entire line contents with the pig, either forwards towards the receipt point, or backwards to the source tank. There is no requirement for extensive line flushing.

Pigs are also used in oil and gas pipelines: they are used to clean the pipes but there are also “smart pigs” used to measure things like pipe thickness and corrosion along the pipeline. They usually do not interrupt production, though some product can be lost when the pig is extracted. They can also be used to separate different products in a multi-product pipeline.

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