Tank Bottom Sludge Removal

Heavy Solids and Sludge Removal System

Our ProGreen® Sludge Removal System enables an ordinary vacuum truck to remove the heaviest solids and sludge from tank bottoms with minimal slurrying while simultaneously degassing the vapor space, scrubbing the vacuum truck and exceeding state mandates for VOC destruction/control.

The tank bottom solids can be pulled into the vacuum truck or vacuum boxes as per the job specifications. In many instances, liquids are “sheared” from the solids due to the high velocity and increased vacuum generated during our process allowing recovery of product and/or ease of transport.

ProGreen® Tank Bottom Removal with Vapor Destruction

Moving heavy tank solids without adding extra liquid means substantial savings in liquid disposal,
tank cleaning costs and tank turnaround time.

The tank bottom removal process actually liquefies certain oily solids for recovery of product and/or ease of transport in many cases. FSI can extract the heavy tank bottoms with minimal cutter material due to ProGreen® Chiller technology.

ALL VOC vapors generated by the extraction process are “scrubbed” or more appropriate described, destroyed to greater than 99.destruction rate efficiency (DRE).

The sizzle of the ProGreen® Chiller Technology is the removal of 30% to 50% of the vapors prior to destruction. We believe this approach will save you both time (up to 50%) and money (30 to 35%) over other approaches.

Our system can remove the heavy of solids (85% solid) and sludge during tank cleaning while
simultaneously degassing tank and the vacuum truck exhaust.

Key Features

Removes solids 60% to 70% faster than traditional technologies when tank cleaning regulation requires vacuum truck vapor abatement
Meets SCAQMD and TCEQ standards for emission control
Drastically reduces liquids generated in slurrying solids and associated costs
A wide range of auto safety system shutdown alarms
Patented technology keeps the process Safe and Green
Uses 100 per cent of process vapor as the primary fuel source
No electrical connect or generator required
Process high VOC concentrations per cubic foot
No high risk and dangerous open flame like a thermal oxidizer

Applications Include

VOC vapor control, tank cleaning, and heavy solids removal for any site where petroleum products are stored in quantity. These include ships and barges, vacuum trucks, storage tanks, railroad tank cars, pipeline wastewater, heavy sludge removal, truck and trailer loading, depending on state/local regulations.

Dramatically Reduces

Multiple Handling of Waste and Liquid Disposal Charges (minimal slurrying).
The process often re-liquefies the material allowing it to be handled using only the vacuum truck.
The system is continuously scrubbing while either of these processes are being used.
Vacuum times or solids removal events are considerably shorter.
Exposure to Accidents and Spills
Emission of VOCs

Only ICE technology allows us to pre-wash the tank during degassing saving both time and money
on your cleaning costs while generating only minimal liquids.

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