ProGreen® Vacuum Truck

w/Onboard Vapor Destruction Device

ProGreen Vacuum Truck

The ProGreen® Vacuum Truck development by the FSI team is a patent-pending breakthrough that takes the latest I.C. Engine advancements joined with a chiller to knock down (scrubbing) the VOC vapors. This lowers the vapor concentrations and requires less vapor destruction, meaning quicker destruction time.

The removing heavy sludge removal technology also provides major advancements by using little or no slurry while simultaneously providing vapor destruction without the use of carbon. The process uses 100% of process vapor as primary fuel source while exceeding state mandates for VOC destruction/control.

FSI ProGreen® process and procedures can extract heavy solids and sludge with minimal cutter material. The ProGreen® Vacuum Truck is a service for all your vacuum truck needs that require vapor destruction during the event.

Cut Liquid Waste By 50% – Cut Cleaning Cost By 30% – Cut Cleaning time by 50%!

The ProGreen® Vacuum Truck can provide service for all your vacuum truck needs with continuous vapor destruction during the process. Review our latest safety equipment for pipe and vacuum truck services.

Why Carbon Adsorption Should Not Be Used For Vacuum Truck Vapor Abatement.

Maintenance/Startup/Shutdown (MSS) Permitting Issues “White Paper”
Prepared by: Sage Environmental Consulting, LP

No Waste, Predictable Cost, No $urprises!

FSI Progreen versus the competitionAssumptions: VOC lbs./hr. estimated using 86 Mole Weight at PPMV shown, with a max flow rate of 280 ACFM at 24” HG or vapor displacement at 411 GPM if PD pump is used instead of vacuum pump.

Carbon Adsorption replacement cost calculated at $.85/lb plus equipment rental. Carbon cost will increase or decrease based on flow, concentration, moisture content, residence time, and process temperature.

ProGreen® technology destroys the VOC emissions leaving no waste to dispose of after the job is complete and is TX. MSS & 115 Rule Compliant..



Safety Features
  • No Open Flame – Dual Flame Arrestor
  • Built In Auto Fire Suppression System
  • Removal Rate Efficiency Greater Than 99%
  • No Electrical Connect Or Generator Required
  • Redundant Supplemental Fuel Shut Off Valves
  • Proven Standard Operating Procedures
  • Process High VOC Concentrations Per Cubic Foot
  • Wide Range Of Auto Safety System Shutdown Alarms
  • Uses 100% Of Process Vapor As Primary Fuel Source
  • On-Board Computer That Monitors Engine Performance
  • Exhaust  Scrubbed Exceeding State Mandates And Zero Carbon Usage
Services Include
  • Anything a standard Industrial Vacuum truck can do and more
  • Tank degassing before and during the tank cleaning operation
  • Degassing of vacuum trucks, pipeline, centrifuges & marine barges
  • Vapor abatement services during plant turn-around
  • Vapor Control during product change-outs and strip and fills
  • Cogeneration – Generate electricity from lost product
  • Storage Tank Cleaning – tank pre-wash during degassing events
Features / Benefits
  • All In One Vacuum Truck
  • Minimum Equipment footprint
  • Fewer operators required
  • Cut Liquid Waste By 50%
  • Cut Cleaning Cost By 30%
  • Reduce Cleaning time by 50%
  • Minimizes Alternate Fuel Consumption
  • Significantly Safer &  Higher Efficiency
  • Compliance Data Management & Reporting
  • On-Board Computer That Monitors Engine Performance
Process Description
  • Liquid, solids & vapors are drawn into tank using the engine manifold vacuum.
  • Liquids & solids dropout, vapor flows to engine carburetor.
  • Process stream drawn through chiller module; portion of VOC’s are condensed back into liquid state.
  • Engine is used as vacuum and power source; also as vapor abatement device by reducing VOC emissions more than 99%.

The Safest, Most Cost Effective  Approach To Air Pollution Control
Complies with stringent air quality requirements! Permitted by TCEQ, SCAQMD, NJDEP, SJVAPCD and many others.

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